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By Sweet Tooth Dental
January 29, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Getting dental restorations can be a lengthy, time-consuming and uncomfortable process. With Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Milling (CAD/CAM) dentistry, patients can now leave with their final restorations in just a few hours and no second appointment is needed.

Have you ever needed crowns or veneers on your teeth? The process can be a hassle from start to finish. Dental impressions are taken using thick, gooey paste which can make you gag. Multiple appointments over many weeks are required, meaning extra time taken from work or other obligations, especially because the restorations may or may not fit right the first time. Fortunately, with the CAD/CAM digital dentistry and CEREC 3D technology, you can now leave with your final restoration in just a few hours with little to no discomfort.


The CEREC is a computer-aided dental system. Your Kona dentist acquires pictures of your teeth through an intraoral scanner. These pictures are then rendered into a 3D image onto a computer. From there, the dentist can model your restoration on the computer in 15 minutes then carve out your new restoration on ceramic material in approximately 20 minutes. There will be no need for subsequent appointments, ill-fitting temporary teeth, or having to receive anesthetic during multiple visits.


Because the dentist is only taking digital pictures of your teeth, it is much more comfortable than having a traditional impression. These standard impressions are uncomfortable and difficult to remove. Digital impressions simply employ an intra-oral scanner - a wand-like device - resting in your mouth and the dental staff taking a few pictures. The scanning process takes a few minutes and there is no discomfort.


Producing accurate impressions using traditional methods is far from an exact science. As a result, these restorations often do not fit the first or even second time. Digital impressions, like those CEREC takes, are much more accurate because high-quality images are taken of the teeth and then transferred into a 3D model. Digital impressions only have 15-20 microns of error (less than the width than a human hair), meaning your crowns, dentures or veneers are much more likely to fit as soon as they are completed.

The CEREC system creates a comfortable and convenient experience when receiving dental restorations. If the idea of same-day crowns or veneers appeals to you, contact Sweet Tooth Dental, your Kona-area dentist, for a consultation today!