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Sealants Could Save Your Child's Teeth

By Sweet Tooth Dental
May 07, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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SealantsChildren are prone to cavities and other tooth related problems because they love eating sweets and candies, but they don’t always love to brush their teeth thoroughly. That’s a formula that could lead to frequent dental visits. The best way to reduce the chance of cavities in your child's teeth is to take a simple preventive measure. Dr. Garret B.K. Oka often suggests a sealant treatment for his young Kona, HI patients with dental concerns. Learn how a dental sealant can help save your child's teeth.

Children and Cavities
A young child’s teeth are still developing and more susceptible to dental decay compared to adults. Dental caries (the disease that causes cavities) also can spread quickly within families because family members share germs. Add the fact that children consume more sugar than ever before and poor at-home dental habits, and you have a high risk of cavities. Children have been known to get cavities as young toddlers and it’s estimated that four million pre-school aged kids have problems with tooth decay. 

How Sealants Work
You can help reduce your child’s risk of getting cavities by requesting dental sealants the next time you visit Dr. Oka’s Kona, HI dentist office. A sealant is a plastic coating that goes on the surface of the tooth to protect it from the bacteria that causes cavities. It’s usually applied to the back molars, because there are so many grooves and cracks where cavities can form. Sealants are recommended as soon as a child gets his or her permanent teeth. One treatment can last for up to 10 years, but regular biannual checkups are necessary. 

Saving Your Child’s Teeth (And Your Budget)
Untreated cavities in children can lead to dental problems that plague them well into adulthood. Getting a dental sealant can significantly reduce a child’s risk of tooth infections and expensive dental treatments like root canals. So this relatively simple treatment not only saves your child’s teeth, it can also save you a lot of money on dental bills in the future.

Bring Your Child to Dr. Oka’s Office
If you believe that your child can benefit from getting a dental sealant treatment, call Dr. Oka’s Kona, HI office at (808) 329-0889 to set up a convenient time to bring him or her in for a visit.